“You and your team did a great job on this installation. Knowing that we will get a smooth, problem free installation gives us great confidence.”

William Martine | Transport Engineering Manager | Windstream Communications

“I had zero issues to address and have had one of the best experiences of my career working with you. It is not often we get to raise the flag and salute a truly professional effort from start to finish.”

Jeffrey Kirchbaum | Transport Engineer II | Windstream Communications

“Darryl, just wanted to let you know that we appreciate Blaine's "over and above the call of duty" effort to do the site surveys for us in New Hampshire this week. He just came off of a two week stay in the Bahamas and was more than willing to go to New Hampshire. He does great work for you and I truly enjoy working with him.”

Bob Kanar | Project Manager | CYAN

“The job done by Darryl with ICON Communications was nothing less than amazing. Due to his knowledge and physical labor, the major fiber ring conversion started on Monday night and completed on Thursday morning went without a mistake. It was a real privilege to work with Darryl and see the end result of this project. He communicated his intentions well and always with the best interest of CenturyTel, and its customers in mind. I feel that having access to Darryl and ICON communications is an asset to all of us at CenturyTel.

Tandell Curtis | Central Office Technician | CenturyTel